Remote work and industry 4.0

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses were forced to accelerate change in production and organization processes in order to address the new challenges imposed by the pandemic.
Remote work, which has been in practice in many organizations for some time, has allowed the companies that have been able to adapt quickly to avoid disruptions in their activites and delivery of services. There has therefore been a strong acceleration in adoption of communication platforms, which have contributed to maintaining efficient relations between employees, and with customers and suppliers.

The market has long shown the need to implement customized technologies that support production processes. However, while use of technology to carry out processes remotely (for example, inspections, tests and supervision) in the industrial sector was marginal in the past, the pandemic has accelerated and fueled the trend.

Experience in the past year has shown how these new technologies can work, bringing economic benefits to the company that delivers a service and to the customer receving it without impacting customer satisfaction, as well as enabling minimization of risks for workers.

Application of the technologies typical to Industry 4.0, such as, IoT, augmented reality, cloud computing and analytics solutions for the supply chain, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Human Machine Interface, virtual commissioning, remote predictive maintenance and monitoring, etc. to processes in all types of industrial companies has therefore taken place more than ever before, becoming a reality as well as a prospect.

Having the advantage of our established experience in the industrial field and close collaboration with the ICT businesses in the group of which we are a part, Basis Plant Services has embraced the challenge and is working alongside our customers in implementing technologies that make it possible to maintain or improve social distancing at the workplace, while continuing to guarantee delivery of an efficient and market-leading service.