Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an organization model based on contracting out non-core business processes.

Today, given the ever-higher degree of market globalization, every business feels that it is essential to be able to compete at the highest levels. In order to reach such a position, it is necessary to manage corporate resources in such a way that as much as possible of those resources is devoted to core business activities.

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing is a practice involving externalization of non-core business processes by an organization (outsourcer) to one or more external partners (outsourcees) in order to enable a better allocation of resources and greater competitiveness. The more the external service provider is organized in terms of connectivity, agile working and remotization of instruments, the more flexible it is in the service provided.

Therefore, BPO is based on an arrangement, or partnership, which is formed between the outsourcer and outsourcee when the outsourcer acknowledges that the external service provider can achieve better objectives and in a more efficient manner in carrying out determined processes and contracts with the outsourcee for a short period or a long period in order to optimize these processes and increase its competitiveness.

Why do companies adopt BPO?

Thanks to Business Process Outsourcing, businesses can transfer all ancillary business activities outside their organization, entrusting management of them to partner companies, which undertake to carry them out on their behalf. In this way, all the resources that would otherwise be allocated to them internally are “saved” for services and activities that are more relevant to the core business, greatly reducing costs and increasing competitiveness.

Business process outsourcing is practiced in almost all sectors. Small and medium sized enterprises find in outsourcing a support for activities that they would not be able to carry out in-house due to limited skills. Large enterprises, including multinational companies, can achieve flexibility of production, save time, money and resources that can be used where more necessary.

Why choose Basis Plant Services as a partner?

Basis Plant Services is a reliable and competent partner in BPO, able to attend to outsourced services also remotely and manage them appropriately.

In such a relationship, the performance of the company that manages resources in outsourcing has direct impact on the performance of the company that requires their services: in fact, for BPO to really be a useful practice for growth, it is necessary that the partner to whom processes are outsourced is competent, reliable, has transparent behaviours and adequate experience.

For every type of process in outsourcing we provide the necessary advice of our experts to analyze your requirements and deliver the most suitable solutions.


Shipping Coordination,
Document Controlling,
Reporting and Certifications,
Job Management,
Job Planning,
Warranties Management.


Support for procurement,
E-auction management,
Order compliance checking and Offer management functions.


Direct and analytical data entry, Metrics and Reports.


Call- Centers,
Marketing Campaigns,
Customer Satisfaction Reviews.