We have been a leader in the field of inspections and traceability of materials for 20 years. We invest in training and technological development to offer our customers tailored services pointing towards the future. Our aim is to transform the way of meeting the needs of clients: you have a problem, we imagine and design the solution.

What we do

Our target market is Oil & Gas and Power Generation. The environment in which we operate comprises clients and suppliers but also external factors, which are difficult to control, such as political, economical, social, and technological forces and price fluctuations. Consequently, the reliability and flexibility of external services plays a decisive role. With our services, we check and assure the quality of products and processes during the phases of production, engineering, testing, inspection, expediting, quality and all related activities.


Because we want to give customers what they need today, flexibility, responsiveness, quality of services and applied processes, knowledge of the target market, the expertise of our employees, competitive prices and a range of services, and we want to foresee what they will need tomorrow, a technologically advanced service, custom designed without being bound by time and material rationales, and a turnkey service, in which we support the customer in the definition of processes and responsibilities.


Supplier Inspection Digital Solution

Based on vast experience acquired over the years in the inspection field, Basis Plant Services provides digital inspection solutions for all materials tested and shipped by suppliers. We have developed several apps able to meet current inspection needs with an eye to the future. Through these apps, we can uniquely identify all inspected materials with codes and markings of photographs, indicating all the key information provided in BOMs and shipping bills, such as, barcode, item code, date and time, sales order, job number, inspector name, etc. All the material is stored and managed through a dashboard on cloud, guaranteeing data security (ISO27001 certified) and easy management for common functions like search and traceability.

Materials inspection service in the logistic area

The service that checks the quality of materials and that supplies are complete in the logistic area gives the customer assurance that all materials that transit from warehouses and/or logistic areas are shipped to the end customer’s site in accordance with the quality and completeness requirements, thus avoiding delays in construction on site. The competence of our people coupled with a specific app, developed through our experience on field, mean that Basis Plant Services is able to guarantee that near 0% of materials are shipped to site damaged, incomplete or incorrectly identified. Through this service we are able to maintain the traceability of materials, certifying the status of materials prior to shipping and guaranteeing the customer extreme satisfaction both in terms of time and in economic terms.

Project quality manager

The Project Quality Manager acts as the point of contact for all issues related to quality management on an assigned project. The Project Quality Manager provides leadership and support to the project team, managing the needs and requirements of customers to develop effective quality control processes. This service attends to management of the requirements of raw materials, intermediate products for suppliers and monitoring of related conformity, managing the Quality Control Plan – Notification of Inspections – Inspections – SDR – NCR – Punch List – Manufacturing Data Report, in order to maintain compliance with the applicable standards and high customer satisfaction.

Expediting service

Our expediters have been involved in over 20 countries around the world, including China, India, the USA, Japan, Brazil, Europe etc, as a result of customer satisfaction due to the scrupulous performance that we manage to achieve in comparison to our competitors. We are able to assure punctuality and corrective actions on supplier deliveries, maintaining a high standard of quality. Our expediters check the progress status of production at supplier facilities according to the criteria of quality, conformity to customer standards and compliance with the agreed timelines. They also intercept and propose remedial actions with the aim of saving costs and minimizing potential risks in the supply chain.

Main Skid and BOP Testing

Our inspectors are employed in various production facilities where a high level of experience and a high standard of quality are required. They constanty supervise all phases of assembly and deal with any quality issues that may be encountered during the various phases.
They conduct internal intermediate inspections and identify discrepancies in relation to drawings or specifications to be remedied, before inspection notification to the end user.
They interface with the engineering team in order to propose any corrective action or solution. Our inspectors manage customer-witnessed inspections through to drawing up machine certificates and the final release certificate.
All employees are constantly updated on and certified in the main international standards (IecEx, CompEx, ISO, NACE, FROSIO, NFPA, ASME, API etc).

Source inspections

Inspection knowhow spans all our customers’ markets and commodities, guaranteeing competence in electrical and mechanical fields, painting and welding, etc. and competence in all applied international standards (ISO, API, ASME, IECEx, NFPA, NACE etc.).
A dedicated app has been developed for clear and detailed instantaneous reporting and is used by all our inspectors. Every single supply is uniquely identified and accompanied by a book of certificates, photographs, discrepancy reports, etc.

Spare parts quality control

Our team is able to guarantee that spare parts are the required quality, complete and correctly identified during the different phases from when they are received, stored, collected and packaged in customer logistic centers in order to prevent nonconformities or complaints from end users.

The service is performed by a team of qualified inspectors with specific inspections on goods during the logistic phases concerned. The main activities are

  • checking the integrity of materials and conformity in quality and quantity to the purchase order and applicable documentation (technical specifications, purchase specifications, drawings, Quality Control Plan, etc.) when goods are received or at supplier plants (in the latter case at the specific request of the customer);
  • visually inspecting materials taken from the warehouse and to be got ready for packaging and shipping, in order to guarantee that they are undamaged, correctly identified and include all the materials indicated on the retrieval list;
  • inspecting the quality and fitness for purpose of packaging in relation to customer requirments both at the incoming phase (packages from suppliers or other warehouses) and of packaging prepared for shipping to end users;
  • managing and resolving anomalies/nonconformities encountered on incoming inspection;
  • reporting nonconformities related to defects identified during inspections;
  • notifying concerned parties (suppliers, logistic providers, internal/external customers, etc) of nonconformity reports and managing following phases through to resolution and closure of the NC;
  • checking the conformity of materials returned from end customer sites for re-storage or to go to the customer’s repair shop;
  • checking the conformity of materials stored in the warehouse (for remedial purposes) due to nonconformities noted in the same logistic center or nonconformity claims by end users, other customer warehouses, suppliers, etc.;
  • carrying out dimensional inspections on materials on the basis of applicable technical documentation, using regularly calibrated proprietary measuring instruments;
  • accompanying and supporting end customers or third parties in inspections at customer logistic centers;
  • drawing up detailed photographic reports on inspected items with SW and HW tools for the purpose, as proof that materials are correctly identified and complete during the inspection phase.