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Basis Plant Services is a provider of technical services, inspection services and business process outsourcing services. Being engaged in operations situated in all areas of the planet, Basis Plant Services is aware that in the 21st century added value is obtained in being an international player: not only the 6 international offices, located where there is greatest demand, but a team of as many as 37 different nationalities help us to be present everywhere with the best solution tailored to our customers’ needs. Nevertheless, Basis Plant Services wishes to open its arms even wider and has already approved plans to open new offices in Brazil, Canada, China and Australia.

Mission and Values

To guarantee maximum customer satisfaction with speed, flexibility, high quality and competitiveness: working for the customer and with the customer.

Globalization has given rise to strong price competition in industry, which drives companies to invest in and focus on their core business. Optimizing rationalization of industrial manufacturing processes translates into increased competitiveness. Outsourcing responsibility for plant maintenance, technical services and management of business processes can give companies greater opportunity to grow their own business. Thanks to its expertise, Basis Plant Services is able to provide solutions that add value to customers’ businesses and allow them to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The ethical values and fundamental principles on which Basis Plant Services is based are: honesty, loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency, professionalism and integrity, impartiality, equality and the central role of people, partnership with the customer, protection of privacy and the confidentiality of information, protection of intellectual property, avoidance of conflicts of interest, protection of competition, protection of health and safety, protection of the environment.

We care about offering the creativity, intuition, mental flexibility and expertise of Italian engineering worldwide through a work method that we have developed over the last 20 years and that we have taught to specialists with different backgrounds.









The added value: IT

Basis Plant Services belongs to a group that includes also IT and software development companies: this particular aspect has often given it advantage over the competition in that it has been able to create IT systems designed in-house for the services offered.

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The Group

Basis Plant Services is part of the Basisgroup Spa, which provides IT services, management consulting and industrial services. “We support clients, making their objectives ours, to guarantee real, functional, customized solutions!”

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Our History