Remote work and industry 4.0

Maintenance of complex plants is of prime importance both for the obvious effects on productivity and for the safety of the plant and those who work there.

Over the years we have come to understand the importance of keeping machinery in perfect working condition also for the negative impact there could be on the environment, as could happen for a boiler not working perfectly that releases gas to the atmosphere or a malfunctioning water treatment plant.

Calibrating maintenance strategies with extreme skill and precision is therefore fundamental in order to be able to guarantee maximum containment of costs and minimum downtime of plants, thus safeguarding continuity of production, as well as to avoid affecting employee safety and respect for the environment.

Maintenance is therefore a complex activity, that should involve cross-functional teams of experts in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information technology and management control, who are able to work out the best strategies, implementing also predictive maintenance solutions using computerized remote analysis intelligent systems as well as remote supervision by specialists.

Maintenance is not only monitoring and prediction, however, but also physical technical service on the plant. It is precisely due to this fundamental aspect that it must be seen as a global service that can be carried out independently and, frequently, in various parts of the world.

When required, the maintenance service must also include any necessary spare parts, preferably from a global network of suppliers, thus relieving customers of any concerns related to maintenance of their plants and leaving you free to concentrate on your core business, centered on production.

Basis Plant Services is able to offer customers the most suitable maintenance solution, complete in all aspects, the perfect fit for your requirements.

Perfectly managed maintenance creates value over the course of time.